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Welcome to the Vietnam Motorbike Tours
Break away from the busy tourist trails and the claustrophobic confines of an overcrowded tour bus and see, feel, taste and LIVE the REAL Vietnam from the seat of motorcycle! The ultimate freedom to explore this breathtaking country! OUR CUSTOMERS TELL US WE ARE THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS!If it's ADVENTURE you're seeking, Vietnam Motorbike Tours have the experience and local knowledge to exceed your  highest expectationsand will provide you with memories that will last a lifetime....We are "SIMPLY THE BEST" when it comes to motorcycle touring in Vietnam and our many international customers refer us to their friends, family and work colleagues and provide us with glowing TESTIMONIALS (click here to read) about every facet of the ride, our comfortable late model motorcycles, our cheerful, cheeky and knowledgeable guides, the quality of accommodation
WHO TOURS WITH US. While you don't have to be the we worlds best rider, we mainly have experienced riders, we don't take first time riders unless your happy to tour as a pillion which we can arrange. If your comfortable as a rider back in you own country then you should be fine to ride Vietnam. Vietnam Motorbike Tours mainly keeps to the country back roads of Vietnam, the road speeds are at a relaxed pace, We don't do any off road riding. Touring the Central highlands offers the best road touring often on small roads in shared by locals going about their daily life, including live stock and homemade tractors and all sorts , there is never a dull moment . its really a total senses over drive. Away from the busy Cities and highways.seem's to have missed. Our tours mainly consist of couples and groups of friends. All in all they are after the same , the Real Vietnam, 90% of our customer feedback is that tour far exceeds their expectations and has been an awaking experience and somewhat life changing. Our tours have also been family based . Dad and sons, daughters on bikes while older or younger family members have followed along in our support vehicle. We very open to putting together the most amazing experience your even likely to have on a motorcycle . Our tours are very much about true adventure and making you feel the freedom to check things out as you please along the way exploring this beautiful country Vietnam.TRAVEL INSURANCE …. We recommend QBE travel insurance.
Vietnam is waiting for you, what are you waiting for?!!  

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